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John Lennon – rebel, poet, man

 It’s almost impossible to believe that it is 30 years ago today, that a deeply disturbed man shot and killed John Lennon in cold blood. What a tragedy. And I’ve always wondered  if John lived his life the way he did because he never really expected to grow old. In one of the many books that tries to solve the riddle inside the mystery in the great puzzle that is John Lennon, he tells the author that he does not expect to grow old. And he didn’t. What a sad day this is, for the people closest to his heart, for all of his fans. And for all the rest of the world also, they just don’t understand it. For Paul McCartney and Yoko Ono this day must be a true ordeal.

We are all spoiled wíth the songs made immortal by John Lennon and Paul McCartney, the soundtrack to our lives. There is a time before the Beatles and a time after, and things would never be the same again.  John and Paul presented a new way to write songs, to perform and to behave. The famous lines from John at the Royal Variety Performance  for the Queen can sum up this new approach in an excellent way; ”Would those of you in the cheaper seats clap your hands? And the rest of you, if you’ll just rattle your jewelry”. Cheeky and rebellious but fun at the same time – a perfect balance at the time. The new way to use all kinds of sounds and instruments really started a whole new era in pop/rock and the Beatles lead the way. And in my opinion – they still are.

 To me it is almost impossible to think about John without Paul at his side, and vice versa. Just take the lovely and brilliant song ”Strawberry Fields” for example. A masterpiece of John, but did you know that it was Paul MCCartney that added the new mellotron in the song that gives the dreamlike effect? And Johns,  A day in the life, Paul wrote the whole middle section. And of course vice versa, in many of Pauls songs Johns contributions were important to the outcome. They were brilliant at their own, but pure magic together.

Throw in George and Ringo, a bright and intelligent, talented and friendly producer, George Martin, and you get The Beatles as we know them. I suspect that George Martins role will be clearer as times goes by and that he deserves all the credit that is given to him. And moore.

So, this is a sad day, the day John Lennon was shot to death. But it is also a day to remeber the good stuff too. All the music he created, his books, his fenomenal wit and humor, his struugle with himself,  The Cavern, the Hamburg years, the first number one, the first America visit, the activist years and on and on.  But most of all to remember the joy and friendship, even love,  between the four Liverpudlians that conquered and changed the world for ever.

Put on a Beatles record or one of Johns solo records and enjoy the music. Enjoy the # 1 rock-poet of all times with his oh so clever lyrics. Something for the songwriters of today to think about. Maybe Paul would say that It’s getting better all the time. But John would mutter; It couldn’t get much worse. And I would agree with him.

Eva Flyborg Swedish Parliament Beatles Society


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