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A pint of lager and bokhyllan Billy, please.

 Sweden and Great Britain are two very different countries, but we seem to share the same basic values. Maybe that is why we go together so well. And we do share many of the important challenges ahead of us; job creation, energy system, climate- and environmental issues, technology and innovation. The Prime Ministers David Cameron and Fredrik Reinfeldt have initiated a two day exchange meeting in London, and it all kicks of with an informal dinner at No 10 Downing Street wednesday night.  Furthermore, the delegations will  exchange ideas and strategies for two days on these different topics.  I so would have liked to be a fly on that wall. 

I think this could be very interesting and rewarding for both our countries. At least I expect an outcome of this exchange meeting to be some new Swedish IKEA names;  the oh so comfortable sofa ”Trafalgar” and the popular dining table ”Winston”.  It’s so much nicer than the bookshelf  ”Billy” anyway.

 According to the British Ambassador in Sweden, the very likable and versatile Andrew Mitchell whom we visited for Afternoon Tea at the residence yesterday, we seem to be voting almost identically in the EU, closer together than any other countries. A kind of same, same – but different, as it seems. Well, I know that Gothenburg is called ”Little London” but the metaphor has to stop there;  it’s not a good idea to call Sweden ”Little Britain”. It really wouldn’t help the bilateral relations at all.


 I understood that the UK Ambassador is leaving Sweden this summer after his successful 5 year tour here to take on a new position back in London. He is going to see to it that the 2012 London Olympic Games are the best games ever. I am sure that the London Games are going to be really successful.  I just recalled that a year ago or so , when I as chairman for the Swedish Supreme Audit Institution, was having the very nice Sebastian Coe (Lord Coe) as my dinner partner at a Whitehall dinner. Coe became the chairman of the London Organising Committee for the Olympic Games. It’s a small world. A little while ago  I wrote a blog on the topic of who is going to have the honour of performing the opening song for the 2012 London Olympic Games (Mick Jagger or Paul McCartney). You can read my previous blog on the subject here. And the answer to that question is of course;  the one and only Paul McCartney with a Beatles song. Nothing else will do.

The conclusion of todays blog is that it really is a small world we are living in. And sometimes the most different pieces suddenly fits just perfectly.

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