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Julian Assange implode

 There is a Swedish saying – upp som en sol, ned som en pannkaka. Translated that would be something like: start well, but fizzle out. Many people were hoping that Assange could be something new in the world, but boy were they misstaken. Obviously. According to Assanges previous partner, Daniel Domscheit-Berg, Assange is ruthless, have a massive ego, act like he had been raised by wolves – a messy and sloppy appearance. He also describe him as dissolute. That could explain the accusation made against him on sexual assault and rape. Assange is currently held in Great Britain, refusing to go to Sweden and face the accusations made at him. And for the record, I have never passed judgement if he is guilty of the accusations of rape and sexual assault or not. But I have said that the only way to put and end to all this is to come to Sweden and let justice have its course.

Assange and his lawyers are now trying to smear Sweden and are surprised that The Prime Minister Fredrik Reinfeldt is trying to set the record straight. And I’m sorry if this hurts Assanges ego a little, but he is not ”an enemy of the state” in Sweden. He is not that important and Sweden simply do not do things that way. We are an open, peaceful, responsible and beautiful country with high moral standards and respect towards others. The ignorance of how our legal system works from Assange and his lawyers are massive. It’s really a disgrace and cannot be allowed to stand without correction. The question is; can Sweden sue Assange for slander? An interesting thought.

 Assange often talked about openness, but according to his previous partner, he acted the opposite way within Wikileaks. This split have now resulted in OpenLeaks. The new site is going to operate in a different and more responsible way and protect the persons that leak material. Well, that is a big improvement vis-a-vis Wikileaks anyway. All according to the book from Assanges previous partner Daniel Domscheit-Berg. The book is going to be released in 10 countries and if the title says it all, well, then we are in for an interesting afternoon – ”Inside Wikileaks: My Time with Julian Assange at the World’s Most Dangerous Website”.

But bear in mind that leaking secret documents is a huge responsibility. They are secret for a reason. Especially if it puts people at risk, soldiers or civilians. It really feels as if the tide has turned when people now are observing  the consequenses of Julian Assange and his empire Wikileaks. It seem to me that Assange himself is his worst enemy. Like a burned out star implodes into a black hole. Plop.


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4 kommentarer »

  1. Intressant att en svensk riksdagskvinna dels bloggar på engelska och dels tar ställning i ett pågående rättsfall

    Kommentar av OldWolf | 2011/02/11 | Svara

    • OldWolf: Jag skriver ibland på engelska för att öva mina språkkunskaper. Sedan tar jag inte ställning, läs min blogg igen är du snäll. Jag konstaterar att Assange bör komma hit och låta rättvisa ha sin gång. Dessutom ogillar jag Assanges och hans advokats sätt att smutskasta Sveriges juridiska system. Dessa osanna påståenden skadar Sverige. Är han beredd att ta det ansvaret? Knappast. Inte det heller.
      Att jag skriver en del bloggar på engelska verkar dessutom uppskattas mycket även om du inte verkar tillhöra dem. Vilket är helt OK.

      Kommentar av Flyborg | 2011/02/11 | Svara

  2. Julian Assange has one big problem,
    his own ego.
    For sure there is an English idiom that say: A cat might look at a King.

    But when a mouse tries to dance on the table pretending himself to be the star of all time broading, according to his former friend (?) that he has lots of children around the world, as if that is something to broad about…., then one wonder if the man is real……????

    Kommentar av norah4you | 2011/02/12 | Svara

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