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Suicide bomber in Sweden – Brittish links

On Saturday, Sweden was exposed to what seems to be its first attack by a suicide bomber. It is being regarded as a terrorist deed. Fortunately he failed and only blew up  himself. But it could have been much worse if he had reached all the Christmas shoppers at Drottninggatan in the middle of central Stockholm. Drottninggatan is equivalent to Oxford Street in London. The Swedish news agency TT reported that they had received information that hours before the bombings in Stockholm an employee of the Swedish Armed Forces sent a warning to a friend that ”something serious” could happen on Drottninggatan. The Swedish Armed Forces (Försvarsmakten) had no knowledge beforehand about the plans,  they say in a comment. This is now being investigated.  The owner of the car that blew up in Stockholm, belongs to a former Brittish citizen. The British Cabinet Office had confirmed that they are conducting an investigation. Apparently there are connections to Luton, north of London. Luton is regarded to be somewhat of a center in Britain for extremist groups. Before the London bombings five years ago, the terrorists gathered in Luton to coordinate their attack. FBI is sending seven experts to Sweden to assist the Swedish police. The FBI are leading in the field of determing bomb material and usage around the world.

 The Swedish Prime minister Fredrik Reinfeldt, said in the press conference today that we must not act in haste and make our decisions based on facts rather than guesses. I think he is absolutely right about that. No one else but the bomber was killed, but it could have been much, much worse. Even so, there is no call to judge all alike, we must be able to see who is friend and who is foe. All muslims are not our enemies, on the contrary. Muslims For Peace and many other organisations like it, are clearly rejecting the deed. Thats a good start.

 I cannot help thinking of the Swedish film ”Arn”. Arn was a swedish man who was sentensed to go to the wholy land and fight with the wholy Knight Templar Orden for twenty years. When he eventually came home again, he brought with him some Saracens. They helped  with a lot of things, bringing knowledge to this not so developed country in the north. With their help, he and the local army finally defeated our enemies and brought the different parts of the country together to be able to form what we today call Sweden.

I am wondering if we can learn something about that even today, a thousand years later.

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