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Parading with pride in London!

  Today it was the celebration of 40 years of the Gay liberation and the first gay march in London.  From Baker Street  down Oxford Street, through Piccadilly to Trafalgar Square. a long line of colourful people dancing the disco from the 70ies – send a message and walk with pride. In the long long line of people I noticed  Nick Cleggs LibDems who were wearing their signs with pride.  Way to go Libdems! 

A heatwave in London isn’t bad, if you know where to go and what to do. I have a suggestion for yoy – take a picknick blanket, some food, plenty of water, a bottle of wine and go to Hyde Park,  stay in the shadow and just enjoy!  And if you want to go very Brittish – read a book. You don’nt realize just how big Kensington and Hyde Park is until you walk through it. I could easily imagine how the upper classes rode their horses on a beautiful morning through Hyde Park or showing off in the afternoon. Nowadays it’s deck chairs and cafés for everyone instead. Very gay, hipphorray, in an English garden!   (as in the Paul McCartney song)     

My last night in London will be spent at the local, very genuine English pub. Probably watching the world cup in football or tonights cricket game with the national English team at Lords Cricketground. Unfortunely a sellout – otherwise I would have loved to go. Or to Wimbledon to see the tennis tournament taking place there. Or go to the Royal Albert Hall to see Crosby, Stills and Nash for tonights gig.

There are just so much to do and so little time to do it. Lucky me that got tickets for the London Hard Rock Calling the other night, because both Crosby Stilld and Nash and Paul McCartney and Elvis Costello was playing! What a night in Hyde Park – a memory for life.

The tough budget cuts that are going to hit the Brittish have just begun. Tough decisions are going to be made and Nick Clegg and David Cameron will be needing all of their skills to pull it through. I think they will succeed. Not just because thay have to, or that they have the competence, but maybe also because they seem to get along so great together. Most important factor, maybe even crucial. Exactly as in Sweden, where the Alliance between our four parties are rock solid because of the trust and generosity between us. So work hard but don’t forget to have a good time doing it!

And Nick and Dave, if you ever need a hand – give us a call  🙂

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