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In the footsteps of The Beatles

   I have just come home from an amazing journey with the Swedish Parliament Beatles Society. I’ve walked in the footsteps of  The Beatles and their early years in Liverpool. I’ve seen their homes and where they were born. I have seen what Paul saw in Penny Lane; the roundabout, the barber, the banker that didn’t wear a mac (I know why) in the pouring rain and the fire station with the clean machine. I’ve seen Johns art school and Pauls/Georges just next to his. I’ve had a beer or two in Johns favourite pub; the Ye Cracke and the Philharmonic Dining Rooms where he loved to eat. I stood on on the pavement outside Gambia Terrace and heard the true (?) story of how the Beatles name was invented.

 I have met Dave Peters, the man who is the last remaining witness of that first meeting between John Lennon and Paul McCartney at the Woolton Village Fete in July 1957. John was playing with his skiffle group The Quarrymen and Paul was in the audience, brought by a common friend. I sat beside the Eleanor Rigby gravestone and I saw all the lonely people, overlooking where John played that very day.

I have written my name in the ceiling of The Cavern while hearing Beatles music beeing played. I’ve heard the stories about their early girlfriends and their jobs and their meeting places, trying to paint in my mind the palette of colours and sounds that made them what they are or was.

I talked to Pete Bests very nice brother Roag Best and heard about the early years from a different and maybe more direct angle. I have seen and admired Pauls rainbow and John Mexican/Aztek room and the forbidden carvings in the wall and roof. I have heard the stories from the Casbah Coffee Club where the Beatles performed for 18 months before they started at the Cavern. The tinyest little nook (vrå) you could ever imagine. How they fitted in there is a miracle. The story of the 15 shillings that they wanted and did not get, puts a lot in perspective for the rest of the Beatles story. A lot.

 The Strawberry Fields is in my mind in many ways a melancholy story. ”No one I think is in my trea, I mean it must be high or low”…  Johns whole childhood is, to say the least, very different and difficult. And to loose your mother twice as he did, must have put their mark on him for ever. Pauls loss was surely devastating and of different circumstances, their common grief must have made the bond even stronger. The rest of us can only guess. We also took the opportunity to visit the Paul McCartney Pub and raised a pint or two for the boys.


Because that’s what they were, just four incredible talented lads from the Merseyside in Liverpool, that made it very very big. Just a band, as John said.

Eh, yes, but no.  Far from it actually.

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Next stop – Sweden

They are both coming to Sweden, the Beatle Ringo Starr and his All Starr band and Julian Assange from Wikileaks. But it could not have been for more different reasons. Ringo Starr, the celebrated ex Beatle is coming to Gothenburg this summer to play at Liseberg the 10th of June. That is a show that I will not miss, especially as it is in my own home town! I will also try to seize the moment to get an interview with Ringo for our club Swedish Parliament Beatles Society while he is here. I really look forward to his coming here, it’s going to be so cool to hear him play. Welcome to Gothenburg Ringo!

I have seen and heard Paul McCartney twice, but never Ringo. I am really looking forward to his concert. And if McCartney decided to do a guest appearance happiness would be complete. If Paul has got the time, he is writing a ballet, ”Oceans Kingdom” at the moment for the New York City Ballet. Is there anything he cannot do? He is the most versatile musician of all times, no doubt about that.

A London court ruled this morning that Julian Assange, a world famous data hacker from Wikileaks, faces extradition to Sweden over alleged sexual offences. The judge said that he had not been persuaded by the arguments of  Mr Assange’s defence team and that they had tried to mislead the court. Judge Riddle also dismissed the arguments that the sexual offences about which Swedish prosecutors wish to question Mr Assange would not constitute an offence in British law. In Great Britain this would amount to rape, the judge said. Several of his financial backers, the celebrity activist Jemima Khan and Bianca Jagger, were also at the court.

After the appeal, Assange is inevitably coming to Sweden. But this is a visit we could have done without. And I do wonder, if the Assange defence lied in the Brittish Court, what will they say here? And it makes me a wee bit sad to note that they happily smear a whole country with deliberate lies. The right thing to do would have been to come to Sweden, face the music and take responsibility for his own actions. Guilty or not is for the court to decide, not Assange himself. But on the other hand, this will give him plenty of time to get someone to help him with his autobiography. Assange is reported in media to have been offered a multi million deal for it. That’s one book I will not put on my Christmas wishlist, although I appreciate the genre Fantasy.

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Julian Assange implode

 There is a Swedish saying – upp som en sol, ned som en pannkaka. Translated that would be something like: start well, but fizzle out. Many people were hoping that Assange could be something new in the world, but boy were they misstaken. Obviously. According to Assanges previous partner, Daniel Domscheit-Berg, Assange is ruthless, have a massive ego, act like he had been raised by wolves – a messy and sloppy appearance. He also describe him as dissolute. That could explain the accusation made against him on sexual assault and rape. Assange is currently held in Great Britain, refusing to go to Sweden and face the accusations made at him. And for the record, I have never passed judgement if he is guilty of the accusations of rape and sexual assault or not. But I have said that the only way to put and end to all this is to come to Sweden and let justice have its course.

Assange and his lawyers are now trying to smear Sweden and are surprised that The Prime Minister Fredrik Reinfeldt is trying to set the record straight. And I’m sorry if this hurts Assanges ego a little, but he is not ”an enemy of the state” in Sweden. He is not that important and Sweden simply do not do things that way. We are an open, peaceful, responsible and beautiful country with high moral standards and respect towards others. The ignorance of how our legal system works from Assange and his lawyers are massive. It’s really a disgrace and cannot be allowed to stand without correction. The question is; can Sweden sue Assange for slander? An interesting thought.

 Assange often talked about openness, but according to his previous partner, he acted the opposite way within Wikileaks. This split have now resulted in OpenLeaks. The new site is going to operate in a different and more responsible way and protect the persons that leak material. Well, that is a big improvement vis-a-vis Wikileaks anyway. All according to the book from Assanges previous partner Daniel Domscheit-Berg. The book is going to be released in 10 countries and if the title says it all, well, then we are in for an interesting afternoon – ”Inside Wikileaks: My Time with Julian Assange at the World’s Most Dangerous Website”.

But bear in mind that leaking secret documents is a huge responsibility. They are secret for a reason. Especially if it puts people at risk, soldiers or civilians. It really feels as if the tide has turned when people now are observing  the consequenses of Julian Assange and his empire Wikileaks. It seem to me that Assange himself is his worst enemy. Like a burned out star implodes into a black hole. Plop.


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Assange, Wikileaks and new nuclear in Sweden

 Well, how convenient for Mr Assange that someone has leaked secret material just days before he is due in court in London, risking to be extradited to Sweden. Julian Assange should know how it’s done, being THE expert in the field of leaking secret material with Wikileaks. The former Swedish prosecuter Sven-Erik Alhem is supposedly attending in court. He is going to witness on court procedures.  The allegations from Assange made at the Swedish judicial system for not beeing fair, is by many seen as an attempt to confuse and hide the original offence – sexual assault and rape. In Sweden we do not take lightly on accusations like this, it has to be investigated. And it doesn’t help if you are notoriously famous, famous or just notorious, the law applies to all. Even to Julian Assange.

 There are news that a Japanese company (Hitachi Nuclear) is planning to build a nuclear powerplant in Sweden near Oskarshamn. This is very positive news, as we need to increase the electricity production in Sweden, not the least to be able to reduce electricity prices. The government in Sweden have recently lifted the ban on new nuclear power. The Japanese company is the first in line to declare plans to build new nuclear in Sweden, but probably not the last. I must admit that I admire the Britons for their decision to build 25 new nuclear plants in Great Britain. Way to go Britons!

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A pint of lager and bokhyllan Billy, please.

 Sweden and Great Britain are two very different countries, but we seem to share the same basic values. Maybe that is why we go together so well. And we do share many of the important challenges ahead of us; job creation, energy system, climate- and environmental issues, technology and innovation. The Prime Ministers David Cameron and Fredrik Reinfeldt have initiated a two day exchange meeting in London, and it all kicks of with an informal dinner at No 10 Downing Street wednesday night.  Furthermore, the delegations will  exchange ideas and strategies for two days on these different topics.  I so would have liked to be a fly on that wall. 

I think this could be very interesting and rewarding for both our countries. At least I expect an outcome of this exchange meeting to be some new Swedish IKEA names;  the oh so comfortable sofa ”Trafalgar” and the popular dining table ”Winston”.  It’s so much nicer than the bookshelf  ”Billy” anyway.

 According to the British Ambassador in Sweden, the very likable and versatile Andrew Mitchell whom we visited for Afternoon Tea at the residence yesterday, we seem to be voting almost identically in the EU, closer together than any other countries. A kind of same, same – but different, as it seems. Well, I know that Gothenburg is called ”Little London” but the metaphor has to stop there;  it’s not a good idea to call Sweden ”Little Britain”. It really wouldn’t help the bilateral relations at all.


 I understood that the UK Ambassador is leaving Sweden this summer after his successful 5 year tour here to take on a new position back in London. He is going to see to it that the 2012 London Olympic Games are the best games ever. I am sure that the London Games are going to be really successful.  I just recalled that a year ago or so , when I as chairman for the Swedish Supreme Audit Institution, was having the very nice Sebastian Coe (Lord Coe) as my dinner partner at a Whitehall dinner. Coe became the chairman of the London Organising Committee for the Olympic Games. It’s a small world. A little while ago  I wrote a blog on the topic of who is going to have the honour of performing the opening song for the 2012 London Olympic Games (Mick Jagger or Paul McCartney). You can read my previous blog on the subject here. And the answer to that question is of course;  the one and only Paul McCartney with a Beatles song. Nothing else will do.

The conclusion of todays blog is that it really is a small world we are living in. And sometimes the most different pieces suddenly fits just perfectly.

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Suicide bomber in Sweden – Brittish links

On Saturday, Sweden was exposed to what seems to be its first attack by a suicide bomber. It is being regarded as a terrorist deed. Fortunately he failed and only blew up  himself. But it could have been much worse if he had reached all the Christmas shoppers at Drottninggatan in the middle of central Stockholm. Drottninggatan is equivalent to Oxford Street in London. The Swedish news agency TT reported that they had received information that hours before the bombings in Stockholm an employee of the Swedish Armed Forces sent a warning to a friend that ”something serious” could happen on Drottninggatan. The Swedish Armed Forces (Försvarsmakten) had no knowledge beforehand about the plans,  they say in a comment. This is now being investigated.  The owner of the car that blew up in Stockholm, belongs to a former Brittish citizen. The British Cabinet Office had confirmed that they are conducting an investigation. Apparently there are connections to Luton, north of London. Luton is regarded to be somewhat of a center in Britain for extremist groups. Before the London bombings five years ago, the terrorists gathered in Luton to coordinate their attack. FBI is sending seven experts to Sweden to assist the Swedish police. The FBI are leading in the field of determing bomb material and usage around the world.

 The Swedish Prime minister Fredrik Reinfeldt, said in the press conference today that we must not act in haste and make our decisions based on facts rather than guesses. I think he is absolutely right about that. No one else but the bomber was killed, but it could have been much, much worse. Even so, there is no call to judge all alike, we must be able to see who is friend and who is foe. All muslims are not our enemies, on the contrary. Muslims For Peace and many other organisations like it, are clearly rejecting the deed. Thats a good start.

 I cannot help thinking of the Swedish film ”Arn”. Arn was a swedish man who was sentensed to go to the wholy land and fight with the wholy Knight Templar Orden for twenty years. When he eventually came home again, he brought with him some Saracens. They helped  with a lot of things, bringing knowledge to this not so developed country in the north. With their help, he and the local army finally defeated our enemies and brought the different parts of the country together to be able to form what we today call Sweden.

I am wondering if we can learn something about that even today, a thousand years later.

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Paul from Liverpool and Paul from Liverpool in London

    Well, this blog is going to be in english to make my teachers proud of me. I hope.. 

Just finished a three day language course in London and I have to tell you that it was the best ever! The first day I met my new teacher and his name was Paul and was from Liverpool…    OK hows that for a sign?   Anyway, Paul turned out to be a very good teacher and he imediately threw me into a debate about euro, democracy and the state budget. Advanced topics to begin with but even more challenging in a foreign language. What a kick-start! And the best teacher ever!

In the afternoon I met with teacher nr 2, Violet, also a very nice and good teacher. Gracefully but firm she guided me through the social and verbal traps in the nicest way.  And as a part of my education and understanding of the English society, treated me to a visit to the Churchill War Rooms, below Whitehall and Downing Street nr 10. A fantastic experience. If you ever have the chance – go there!  And Violet also took us to a private Country Club in London to furtehr improve my social skills and pronounciation. I also had my very first cricket lesson, afternoon tea (lovely!) and a very nice chat with several of the members of the club. Wonderful!

Winston Churchill has always been a favourite of mine. He stood firme as Europe crumbled around him.

And for the  longest time the England stood alone agains the full power of the nazi regime. Eventually there was help and the Allied forces were formed and could strike back – the invasion in Normandie was the beginning of the end of the WW2.  And in the center of  it all – Winston Churchill. Its almost scary to try to think of how all could have ended very differently if he had not existed. I am convinced that things would have been very different – not for better but worse. The hat of for a true statesman of his own time and beyond.!

I wonder if the Britons are aware of and taking care of their own history as well as they should? It is a vital part of their nations development and a legacy that is obligating them to care more oabout the future. And not just their own but Europes as well. It would really be a sad thing if England fought the wars, endured all, only to loose it a few years later beacause of lack of interest.

I say that it is time that Britain once again armed themselves, with wit, cleaverness and patiens, and really joined the rest of us in Europe.  You have many friends in Europe, not the least Sweden that is very pro enlargement, against bad spending and subsidieris and pro making it easier with the common market. I believe that Europe would be better for it – and Britain to. And if anyone could lead the way in a succesful way, I think it is the newly elected government with David Cameron and Nick Clegg.  I do wish them all the best good luck at nr 10.

To sum it all up when we eventually look back  – It´s getting better all the time (it couldnt be much worse), as Paul McCartney and The Beatles sang back in the sixties. Good old Macca!

And that was the second Paul from Liverpool in todays blog.

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Det finns ju ställen i världen där man genast känner sig som hemma, olika för alla personer. Det finns några sådana ställen för mig i världen, men allra mest hemmakänsla – fast borta är London. Trevligare människor får man leta efter. OK, det skulle vara Irländarna då.

Nåväl, nu är jag i London, en kombinerad språkresa, den första under åren i Riksdagen faktiskt, och för ett möte med LibDems i London för närmare samarbete under vår egen kampanj senare i höst. Jag var ju själv valarbetare för Liberaldemokraterna tillsammans med personal från riksdagskansliet. Och ja, min kandidat återvaldes med 1500 rösters marginal…  🙂  Vore roligt om någon av dem ville komma över och ge oss ett liknande hantag i höst.

Men ingen resa utan lite egen underrättelseverksamhet – ja ok shopping. Och en stilla stund vid Carnaby Street med en dubbel espresso och en stor cappuchino. Mums. 

Kom till London just när värmen satte in, kokhett på hotellet och på stan + 31 grader i dag, varmare i morgon.  Ja, fryser man inte häcken av sig på vintern så kokas man levande på sommaren – på hotellrummet som glatt följer yttertemperaturens skiftningar. Ja våra grannar engelsmännen behöver onekligen en hel del energi, koldioxidfri sådan, och det snabbt. De eldar som bekant med mycket kol och gas, inte särskilt bra för miljön eller plånboken. Eller oberoendet, glöm inte de uteblivna ryska gasleveranserna. Så i England gjorde men det enda rätta, undersökte alternativen för ny energi och bestämde sig för att bygga ny kärnkraft. 25 stycken faktiskt.

Way to go Britons!

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