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Paul from Liverpool and Paul from Liverpool in London

    Well, this blog is going to be in english to make my teachers proud of me. I hope.. 

Just finished a three day language course in London and I have to tell you that it was the best ever! The first day I met my new teacher and his name was Paul and was from Liverpool…    OK hows that for a sign?   Anyway, Paul turned out to be a very good teacher and he imediately threw me into a debate about euro, democracy and the state budget. Advanced topics to begin with but even more challenging in a foreign language. What a kick-start! And the best teacher ever!

In the afternoon I met with teacher nr 2, Violet, also a very nice and good teacher. Gracefully but firm she guided me through the social and verbal traps in the nicest way.  And as a part of my education and understanding of the English society, treated me to a visit to the Churchill War Rooms, below Whitehall and Downing Street nr 10. A fantastic experience. If you ever have the chance – go there!  And Violet also took us to a private Country Club in London to furtehr improve my social skills and pronounciation. I also had my very first cricket lesson, afternoon tea (lovely!) and a very nice chat with several of the members of the club. Wonderful!

Winston Churchill has always been a favourite of mine. He stood firme as Europe crumbled around him.

And for the  longest time the England stood alone agains the full power of the nazi regime. Eventually there was help and the Allied forces were formed and could strike back – the invasion in Normandie was the beginning of the end of the WW2.  And in the center of  it all – Winston Churchill. Its almost scary to try to think of how all could have ended very differently if he had not existed. I am convinced that things would have been very different – not for better but worse. The hat of for a true statesman of his own time and beyond.!

I wonder if the Britons are aware of and taking care of their own history as well as they should? It is a vital part of their nations development and a legacy that is obligating them to care more oabout the future. And not just their own but Europes as well. It would really be a sad thing if England fought the wars, endured all, only to loose it a few years later beacause of lack of interest.

I say that it is time that Britain once again armed themselves, with wit, cleaverness and patiens, and really joined the rest of us in Europe.  You have many friends in Europe, not the least Sweden that is very pro enlargement, against bad spending and subsidieris and pro making it easier with the common market. I believe that Europe would be better for it – and Britain to. And if anyone could lead the way in a succesful way, I think it is the newly elected government with David Cameron and Nick Clegg.  I do wish them all the best good luck at nr 10.

To sum it all up when we eventually look back  – It´s getting better all the time (it couldnt be much worse), as Paul McCartney and The Beatles sang back in the sixties. Good old Macca!

And that was the second Paul from Liverpool in todays blog.

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