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Paul McCartney or Mick Jagger for the Olympics?

 Now, here is the million dollar question to be answered; is Paul McCartney from The Beatles  or Mick Jagger from the Rolling stones having the honour of playing the opening song for the 2012 London Olympic Games? 

From my point of view there is only one answer; Paul McCartney with a Beatles song! 

No other group in history has in such a profound way changed the music world for ever.  Paul McCartney and The Beatles blew the barriers away from what was possible or even imaginable to do in a pop/rock song and changed the musical history and our lives for ever. No other group has ever come close to that achievement; The Beatles and Paul McCartney rule the pop and rock world yesterday, today and tomorrow!

 Paul McCartney is also the one who is still doing a tremendously great job giving concerts all around the world. Breaking sell-out records where ever he performs. Paul is certainly the man for the job, let Paul McCartney lead the way and open the 2012 London Olympic games!

And if you want to sign up, there is even a facebook page to support it !    Roll up for the ”Paul McCartney 2012 London Olympic Games!”  

You can read more in The Economic Times, Monsters and Critics, Music Rooms, The Daily Star , The Times of India and Aftonbladet, Expressen

 In Sweden we have started the first parlamentarian Beatles Club in the world and we have invited Paul McCartney, Ringo Starr and George Martin to come and visit us.  I do hope that they will be able to come and take the opportunity to adress the Swedish Parliament while visiting the Beatles Club.  And if they would like to play something too, we wouldn’t object…

I had the honour and great pleasure to meet with Sir George Martin, CBE,  the legendary producer of the Beatles,  when he visited Sweden a few months ago.  I have rarely met a more professional, generous, warm and kind person than George Martin.  He proved to be a fantastic ambassador for his country and a perfect gentleman of the old school.  The picture was taken at the Palladium when the invitation was handed over to visit the Swedish Parliament Beatles Society.  

 You can always dream. I cross my fingers for it to come true!

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