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Guns and Politics, Palin and Assange

  Well, 2011 is well on it’s way and it looks like it’s going to be an interesting year. Floodings in Australia, Wikileaks Julian Assange stands trial or hearing in London to be extradited to Sweden for his rape trial and winter is still Polar-like with it’s freezing temperatures and lots of snow all over Europe. Midwinter. Brrrr.

But the most tragic event must be the shooting in the USA.  A Democratic Congresswoman, Gabrielle Giffords, who had often been the target of  hostile rhetoric from the Tea Party,  was shot in the head at a political gathering in her constituency in Tucson, Arizona. She is still in the hospital fighting for her life. Several bystanders were shot and killed. There has been no explaining to the assault so far from the gunman. Has the political violence escalated this fast in the USA? Or has this nothing to do with the pungent tone between candidates and the massive negative campaigning? I wonder. What goes around comes around.  Sarah Palin, a figurehead  of the Tea Party, identified Giffords as one of the Democratic members of Congress she wanted to see defeated in Novembers elections. Palin’s Facebook page still feature a cross-hair symbol over the constituencies of Rep Giffords. Is that the way to go Sarah?

 I urge the Tea party and Sarah Palin to remove all cross-hair symbols instantly. I am really stunned over the hate that Palin is pouring over her opponents. Its immature and disgraceful. I am a congresswoman myself and I would never even consider to do such a thing. If this is the type of politicians and behaviour that America is to rely on for their future, we all are in a lot of trouble. Sarah Palin for president?  Think not.  

Lets try and make 2011 a better year for all shall we? I’ll start by wishing all my political opponents a Happy New Year for them and their families. Let’s debate and argue in chambers but lend each other a helping hand outside the ring. We all are just trying to do the best for our country and our people, but with different viewpoints, that’s all. And if we didn’t differ, it wouldn’t be democracy.

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