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Assange, Wikileaks and new nuclear in Sweden

 Well, how convenient for Mr Assange that someone has leaked secret material just days before he is due in court in London, risking to be extradited to Sweden. Julian Assange should know how it’s done, being THE expert in the field of leaking secret material with Wikileaks. The former Swedish prosecuter Sven-Erik Alhem is supposedly attending in court. He is going to witness on court procedures.  The allegations from Assange made at the Swedish judicial system for not beeing fair, is by many seen as an attempt to confuse and hide the original offence – sexual assault and rape. In Sweden we do not take lightly on accusations like this, it has to be investigated. And it doesn’t help if you are notoriously famous, famous or just notorious, the law applies to all. Even to Julian Assange.

 There are news that a Japanese company (Hitachi Nuclear) is planning to build a nuclear powerplant in Sweden near Oskarshamn. This is very positive news, as we need to increase the electricity production in Sweden, not the least to be able to reduce electricity prices. The government in Sweden have recently lifted the ban on new nuclear power. The Japanese company is the first in line to declare plans to build new nuclear in Sweden, but probably not the last. I must admit that I admire the Britons for their decision to build 25 new nuclear plants in Great Britain. Way to go Britons!

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