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Liberaler – förenen eder!

Just hemkommen från London skriver jag dessa rader – Liberaler, förenen eder – som en känsla, en konklusion av dessa dagar. Vi har gemensamma erfarenheter, utmaningar och visioner. I det konkreta partiprogrammen finns skillnader som kan vara nog så stora och viktiga, men den gemensamma liberala tråden finns där; tron på människan, en fungerande marknad och starka sociala nätverk. Vi träffade Nick Clegg och hans LibDem i Parlamentet och hade intressanta samtal, besökte deras näringsdepartement och talade utmaningar inför framtiden, besökte the International Liberal House som var  precis som en gammal engelsk herrklubb, numera också öppen för kvinnor :-), fick en intressant diskussion om kravallerna i England och mycket mer. Ett fullmatat besök – indeed!

Till min förtjusning så är det Sverige man vänder sig till för att få inspiration till nytänkande. Vi har blivit riktigt på modet de senaste åren tydligen. Anders Borg utnämnd till bästa finansminister och Sverige som ses som ett föregångsland ekonomiskt, kulturellt och socialt nytänkande. Ovant. Spännande.

Det kanske inte är så konstigt att jag trivs i Storbritannien. Som Göteborgare och boende i ‘Lilla London’ har vi alltid tittat mer västerut än österut. Många flottbesök genom åren har satt sin prägel på lynne och känslan här i stan, ”Engelska flottan har siktats vid Vinga..” Jag fick nyligen lära mig att de två länder som röstar och agerar mest lika i EU är just Storbritannien och Sverige. Jag tror dem. Vi har en kulturell värdegemenskap som känns i hjärtat, även om allt på ytan är lite annorlunda. Och språket, ja det klarar vi. Det är därför det länns mer än konstigt att engelsmännen skulle ställa sig utanför EU i de avgörande ekonomiska frågorna. Även om de har det gamla Brittiska imperiet att falla tillbaka på, så är det ju inte samma sak nu som då. I början av februari kommer det att hållas ett toppmöte i Stockholm med de baltiska länderna, Storbritannien och Sverige. Skulle gärna delta. Får fråga Fredrik.

David Cameron och Fredrik Reinfelt gör klokt i att bli nya bästisar. Man vet aldrig när det kan behövas. A pint of lager for us and bokhyllan Billy for you. Cheers mate!

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Julian Assange implode

 There is a Swedish saying – upp som en sol, ned som en pannkaka. Translated that would be something like: start well, but fizzle out. Many people were hoping that Assange could be something new in the world, but boy were they misstaken. Obviously. According to Assanges previous partner, Daniel Domscheit-Berg, Assange is ruthless, have a massive ego, act like he had been raised by wolves – a messy and sloppy appearance. He also describe him as dissolute. That could explain the accusation made against him on sexual assault and rape. Assange is currently held in Great Britain, refusing to go to Sweden and face the accusations made at him. And for the record, I have never passed judgement if he is guilty of the accusations of rape and sexual assault or not. But I have said that the only way to put and end to all this is to come to Sweden and let justice have its course.

Assange and his lawyers are now trying to smear Sweden and are surprised that The Prime Minister Fredrik Reinfeldt is trying to set the record straight. And I’m sorry if this hurts Assanges ego a little, but he is not ”an enemy of the state” in Sweden. He is not that important and Sweden simply do not do things that way. We are an open, peaceful, responsible and beautiful country with high moral standards and respect towards others. The ignorance of how our legal system works from Assange and his lawyers are massive. It’s really a disgrace and cannot be allowed to stand without correction. The question is; can Sweden sue Assange for slander? An interesting thought.

 Assange often talked about openness, but according to his previous partner, he acted the opposite way within Wikileaks. This split have now resulted in OpenLeaks. The new site is going to operate in a different and more responsible way and protect the persons that leak material. Well, that is a big improvement vis-a-vis Wikileaks anyway. All according to the book from Assanges previous partner Daniel Domscheit-Berg. The book is going to be released in 10 countries and if the title says it all, well, then we are in for an interesting afternoon – ”Inside Wikileaks: My Time with Julian Assange at the World’s Most Dangerous Website”.

But bear in mind that leaking secret documents is a huge responsibility. They are secret for a reason. Especially if it puts people at risk, soldiers or civilians. It really feels as if the tide has turned when people now are observing  the consequenses of Julian Assange and his empire Wikileaks. It seem to me that Assange himself is his worst enemy. Like a burned out star implodes into a black hole. Plop.


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A pint of lager and bokhyllan Billy, please.

 Sweden and Great Britain are two very different countries, but we seem to share the same basic values. Maybe that is why we go together so well. And we do share many of the important challenges ahead of us; job creation, energy system, climate- and environmental issues, technology and innovation. The Prime Ministers David Cameron and Fredrik Reinfeldt have initiated a two day exchange meeting in London, and it all kicks of with an informal dinner at No 10 Downing Street wednesday night.  Furthermore, the delegations will  exchange ideas and strategies for two days on these different topics.  I so would have liked to be a fly on that wall. 

I think this could be very interesting and rewarding for both our countries. At least I expect an outcome of this exchange meeting to be some new Swedish IKEA names;  the oh so comfortable sofa ”Trafalgar” and the popular dining table ”Winston”.  It’s so much nicer than the bookshelf  ”Billy” anyway.

 According to the British Ambassador in Sweden, the very likable and versatile Andrew Mitchell whom we visited for Afternoon Tea at the residence yesterday, we seem to be voting almost identically in the EU, closer together than any other countries. A kind of same, same – but different, as it seems. Well, I know that Gothenburg is called ”Little London” but the metaphor has to stop there;  it’s not a good idea to call Sweden ”Little Britain”. It really wouldn’t help the bilateral relations at all.


 I understood that the UK Ambassador is leaving Sweden this summer after his successful 5 year tour here to take on a new position back in London. He is going to see to it that the 2012 London Olympic Games are the best games ever. I am sure that the London Games are going to be really successful.  I just recalled that a year ago or so , when I as chairman for the Swedish Supreme Audit Institution, was having the very nice Sebastian Coe (Lord Coe) as my dinner partner at a Whitehall dinner. Coe became the chairman of the London Organising Committee for the Olympic Games. It’s a small world. A little while ago  I wrote a blog on the topic of who is going to have the honour of performing the opening song for the 2012 London Olympic Games (Mick Jagger or Paul McCartney). You can read my previous blog on the subject here. And the answer to that question is of course;  the one and only Paul McCartney with a Beatles song. Nothing else will do.

The conclusion of todays blog is that it really is a small world we are living in. And sometimes the most different pieces suddenly fits just perfectly.

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Parading with pride in London!

  Today it was the celebration of 40 years of the Gay liberation and the first gay march in London.  From Baker Street  down Oxford Street, through Piccadilly to Trafalgar Square. a long line of colourful people dancing the disco from the 70ies – send a message and walk with pride. In the long long line of people I noticed  Nick Cleggs LibDems who were wearing their signs with pride.  Way to go Libdems! 

A heatwave in London isn’t bad, if you know where to go and what to do. I have a suggestion for yoy – take a picknick blanket, some food, plenty of water, a bottle of wine and go to Hyde Park,  stay in the shadow and just enjoy!  And if you want to go very Brittish – read a book. You don’nt realize just how big Kensington and Hyde Park is until you walk through it. I could easily imagine how the upper classes rode their horses on a beautiful morning through Hyde Park or showing off in the afternoon. Nowadays it’s deck chairs and cafés for everyone instead. Very gay, hipphorray, in an English garden!   (as in the Paul McCartney song)     

My last night in London will be spent at the local, very genuine English pub. Probably watching the world cup in football or tonights cricket game with the national English team at Lords Cricketground. Unfortunely a sellout – otherwise I would have loved to go. Or to Wimbledon to see the tennis tournament taking place there. Or go to the Royal Albert Hall to see Crosby, Stills and Nash for tonights gig.

There are just so much to do and so little time to do it. Lucky me that got tickets for the London Hard Rock Calling the other night, because both Crosby Stilld and Nash and Paul McCartney and Elvis Costello was playing! What a night in Hyde Park – a memory for life.

The tough budget cuts that are going to hit the Brittish have just begun. Tough decisions are going to be made and Nick Clegg and David Cameron will be needing all of their skills to pull it through. I think they will succeed. Not just because thay have to, or that they have the competence, but maybe also because they seem to get along so great together. Most important factor, maybe even crucial. Exactly as in Sweden, where the Alliance between our four parties are rock solid because of the trust and generosity between us. So work hard but don’t forget to have a good time doing it!

And Nick and Dave, if you ever need a hand – give us a call  🙂

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Paul from Liverpool and Paul from Liverpool in London

    Well, this blog is going to be in english to make my teachers proud of me. I hope.. 

Just finished a three day language course in London and I have to tell you that it was the best ever! The first day I met my new teacher and his name was Paul and was from Liverpool…    OK hows that for a sign?   Anyway, Paul turned out to be a very good teacher and he imediately threw me into a debate about euro, democracy and the state budget. Advanced topics to begin with but even more challenging in a foreign language. What a kick-start! And the best teacher ever!

In the afternoon I met with teacher nr 2, Violet, also a very nice and good teacher. Gracefully but firm she guided me through the social and verbal traps in the nicest way.  And as a part of my education and understanding of the English society, treated me to a visit to the Churchill War Rooms, below Whitehall and Downing Street nr 10. A fantastic experience. If you ever have the chance – go there!  And Violet also took us to a private Country Club in London to furtehr improve my social skills and pronounciation. I also had my very first cricket lesson, afternoon tea (lovely!) and a very nice chat with several of the members of the club. Wonderful!

Winston Churchill has always been a favourite of mine. He stood firme as Europe crumbled around him.

And for the  longest time the England stood alone agains the full power of the nazi regime. Eventually there was help and the Allied forces were formed and could strike back – the invasion in Normandie was the beginning of the end of the WW2.  And in the center of  it all – Winston Churchill. Its almost scary to try to think of how all could have ended very differently if he had not existed. I am convinced that things would have been very different – not for better but worse. The hat of for a true statesman of his own time and beyond.!

I wonder if the Britons are aware of and taking care of their own history as well as they should? It is a vital part of their nations development and a legacy that is obligating them to care more oabout the future. And not just their own but Europes as well. It would really be a sad thing if England fought the wars, endured all, only to loose it a few years later beacause of lack of interest.

I say that it is time that Britain once again armed themselves, with wit, cleaverness and patiens, and really joined the rest of us in Europe.  You have many friends in Europe, not the least Sweden that is very pro enlargement, against bad spending and subsidieris and pro making it easier with the common market. I believe that Europe would be better for it – and Britain to. And if anyone could lead the way in a succesful way, I think it is the newly elected government with David Cameron and Nick Clegg.  I do wish them all the best good luck at nr 10.

To sum it all up when we eventually look back  – It´s getting better all the time (it couldnt be much worse), as Paul McCartney and The Beatles sang back in the sixties. Good old Macca!

And that was the second Paul from Liverpool in todays blog.

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Kärnkraftsförbudet äntligen borta!


Alliansen förslag att tillåta nybyggnation av upp till tio moderna kärnreaktorer har under torsdagskvällen godkänts av riksdagen.  I och med beslutet öppnas det upp för att ersätta dagens åldrande reaktorer med nya.  Genom mer kärnkraft tar vi ett steg mot att bli oberoende av den förorenande oljan. Problemen med oljeberoende har aktualiserats i och med oljekatastrofen i den mexikanska golfen. En säkrad energitillgång skapar trygghet för företag och anställda samtidigt som industrin nu vågar investera långsiktigt. 

Länder som USA och Storbritannien under ledning av Barack Obama och David Cameron har redan lagt om sin energimix i riktning mot den rena och moderna kärnkraften. Vid mitt besök i julas i England och kärnkraftsindustrin där framgick det med all önskvärd tydlighet att Storbritanniens storsatsning på ny kärnkraft baserats på det enorma behov av koldioxidfri energi som landet nu står inför. Och till överkomliga priser som gör att det inte skapas nya ”elfattiga” i landet.

Den här frågan har debatterats fram och tillbaka i Sverige i över trettio år. Vi i Alliansen har nu nått en lösning som är bra för Sverige, för jobben och för miljön.  Tänk att 2 röster kan betyda så mycket. 174 ja mot 172 nej. En liten skillnad i Riksdagen men en stor skillnad för Sverige! 

Oppositionen talar redan om att detta nu skall bli en av de viktigaste valfrågorna i höst. Gärna för mig – då har vi en fantastisk Alliansseger den 19 september att se fram emot.




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